Brandon Jarod has released the much awaited, 200th Anniversary Rendition  of The Star Spangled Banner!
"The American Anthem" featuring Franklin Delano Roosevelt will blow you away, get ready to download this new release. The new songs for 2016 will be so exciting, so kick back for another great musical year. 2016 is gearing up to be a break thru year. With the up coming 2016 new music release of Brandon's first Album in Spring 2016. This debut album will just Amaze you, with it's hot new beats and awesome tones. This will be great exercise music for you to listen to. Download The American Anthem on GOOGLE PLAY. Download The Age of Zero on iTUNES OR AMAZON today!
Dedicated to Great New Music 2016!

2016 New Songs, 2016 New Music Releases

Following the successful reception of his debut EP "The Crush," Brandon Jarod geared up for the  release his new EP entitled  "The Age Of Zero." Brandon recalls the 2 year recording process of The AoZ as being a difficult time in his life in which he dealt with both personal and professional losses. Exploring themes of political unrest, race relations, personal regrets and redemption the 6 song EP bleeds sincerity, conviction and creativity. Brandon enlisted engineer Brad Rosenberg to help him bring his musical vision to life. On The AoZ EP Brandon set out to use the recording studio as an extension of his guitar playing, weaving intricate, almost  orchestral like rhythms and melodies together on songs such as the 7 minute opus "I Wish." Brandon calls on his R&B/Soul influences on ballads like "Red Hearts" and his Pop inflections show up on "I'll Be Good." In all The AoZ EP is collection of 2014 new songs  that will stand the test of time, touching on the common threads that weave through all people regardless of race, nationality or class. Concepts such as family, love and retaining confidence in one's self through the adversity of everyday life.

The Age Of Zero - EP



Brandon Jarod was born to working class parents in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A quiet, yet inquisitive child, Brandon often entertained himself with comic books, drawing and writing imaginative short stories. Though he did not come from a musical family, Brandon's father was an avid listener of Parliament Funkadelic which would become the first music that Brandon remembers hearing as a child. Brandon's mother built him his first home made guitar, using a cereal box, paper towel roll and cotton as strings.She got the idea after seeing his father try to use a baseball bat as a guitar.

Seeing the growing poverty and crime in the inner city of MIlwaukee, Brandon's father moved the family to VIrginia Beach, Virginia. When he was 18 years old his mother bought him a guitar for Christmas. A self-taught musician, Brandon practiced playing guitar sometimes 10 to 12 hours a day trying to imitate any sound that he heard with his guitar.

Over the next 4 years, Brandon would play in several local bands ranging from the Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Gospel and Blues idioms. During this time, he would play alongside the likes of Jasmine Sullivan, Hezekiah III, Jaguar Wright, The Clipse, The Kool Kids, Eric Benet and even touring Amsterdam and along the east coast. In a relatively short amount of time Brandon Jarod became one of the most talented and in demand guitarists in the area drawing comparisons to John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix and The Black Keys.

With the help of his father, Brandon started Nicobe Records and released his debut "The Crush EP" in late 2010 to raving reviews. The EP made a big impact in the local scene, garnering him a nod for one of the top local artists and firmly establishing not only his fiery guitar style, but his soulful and introspective song writing and singing. After spending the next two years promoting the EP, Brandon Jarod gears up to release his latest project entitled "The Age Of Zero."

Now Brandon is recording his first LP and WOW what a project. Get ready for this 2016 New Music Release!
10 New Songs to listen and dance to. 10 New Songs that will be great Exercise Music also!
The next generation of  new music now begins.

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